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Find the most thoughtful yet quirky Bridesmaid Gifts for your Soul Sisters

It is so special to have those closest to you celebrating one of the most important days of life with you. Bridesmaids are an integral part of a wedding ceremony, and their role is to support and assist the bride in various tasks leading up to the wedding day. Bridesmaids are usually close friends or family members of the bride and play an important role in making the bride feel comfortable and stress-free throughout the wedding planning process. 

Showing appreciation and gratitude for bridesmaids and a maid of honor is an absolute must! As they put in the effort and hard work to ensure that everything runs smoothly on such a momentous occasion, it's important to recognize their contribution in the best way you can.  

Bridesmaid gifts are not customary but those bridesmaid gift boxes are a token of admiration for your girlfriends having your back at the most significant event of your life. In each bridesmaid’s life, these Bridesmaid gift hampers will play an important reminder of the special day and the important role they played in it. It’s a way to make sure that everyone feels included and appreciated. 

Bridesmaid gifts can help create a sense of unity and belonging among the bridesmaids. The gifts serve as a symbol of the shared experience and the special bond between the bride and her bridesmaids. They also serve as a way of recognizing the unique contributions of each bridesmaid and the role that they played in making the day special.

Pop the Question to your Sisters with the Best Bridesmaid Hampers

Your mister popped “the question” in the most gracious way. Now, it is your turn to pop the question to your sisters! Ask them to support you throughout your journey to the altar with the best bridesmaid proposal boxes. This will also make them feel appreciated and special for the efforts that they put into making the bride's day a success. 

Bridesmaid favours are a wonderful way to let the girls know how much the bride values them. Bridesmaid gift boxes are a way of making the bridesmaids feel valued and appreciated. Being a bridesmaid can be a lot of work, and it is easy for them to feel overlooked or unappreciated. By giving them a gift, the bride is acknowledging their contributions and shows that they are valued and important. They are also typically required to purchase a dress, pay for travel expenses, and contribute to wedding-related expenses. By giving them a gift, the bride is expressing her gratitude and thanking them for their support.   These customised gift hampers serve as a way to bond with your bridesmaids. These gifts can be something special and meaningful to them, such as a piece of jewelry, or something unique to them, like a personalized gift for the bridesmaids.

Between Boxes - The Best Online Gifting Partner for Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

A bridesmaid's proposal box must include those gift items that the bridesmaid can use, cherish, and remember on a special day. If you are still clueless about what to include in a bridesmaid box, Between Boxes has curated a complete list of gift ideas for bridesmaids for every kind of bridesmaid in your group. 

Bridesmaid gifts can range from scrunchies to larger items such as jewelry or special item for her home such as scented candles. You can also include some chocolates and skincare products since these are the two things that every girl loves. Yet, with little time and too many things to complete, Brides might find it difficult to customize her gifts for the bridesmaid. Hence, Between boxes offers curated bridesmaid gift hampers that include necessities and pampering goodies. So, if you are a bride-to-be reading this, don’t waste your time scrolling bridesmaid gifts online(your time is precious) & find and customise the best bridesmaid hampers from Between Boxes. 

Our Hello gorgeous Bridesmaid Hamper is a super hit among many brides and their girlfriends. So, if you are having trouble choosing which hamper to go ahead with, we will definitely suggest the aforesaid.

Color-themed Bridesmaid Hampers are the biggest trend of the year with lavender and beige being the top picks.

 If you are in a lavender haze too, we have a few picks for you:

Lavender Love Gift Box 

Lady in Lavender Bridesmaid Gift Box

Lavender Bridesmaid Gift Hamper

If your vibe matches with a minimalist aesthetic , here are gift ideas for bridesmaids to match your theme of minimalism:

Gift Box For Bridesmaid

Premium Bridesmaid Gift Hamper

Hope these few suggestions help you choose your perfect gift hamper without wasting much of your valuable time.

Build your Own Bridesmaid Box 

If you want something unique for your bridesmaids gifts, it is time to level up your creativity and make your own hamper for your bridesmaids from our “Build your own Box” option. Choose such items that best reflect your bridesmaids' personalities and that are meaningful to them or that they will use and enjoy. For example, if your bridesmaids enjoy spa treatments, you can create a hamper that includes items such as face masks, bath bombs, scented candles, and body scrubs. DIYing your own hamper is a cost-effective method as you can create bridesmaid gift boxes under 1000 with some quirky goodies and not just some random and generic gift items.

Unique Gifts for Bride-to-be from Bridesmaids

Getting married is an exciting time, and being chosen as a bridesmaid is an honor. One of the responsibilities of a bridesmaid is to help the bride-to-be in any way possible, including giving her unique and memorable gifts. But what do you get for the bride who has everything? Fear not, because Between Boxes has got you covered with some creative and unique gifts for the bride-to-be from her bridesmaids. Giving unique bride-to-be gifts from her bridesmaids can be a fun and memorable experience. Just remember to keep it personal, practical, and hilarious. After all, what are friends for if not to make each other laugh and create unforgettable memories?

Send Love to your loved ones through premium gift hampers from Between Boxes Gifts

Gifting is a powerful way to express love, appreciation, gratitude, and other positive emotions. Whether it's for birthdays, festivals, weddings, or any other occasion, gifting has become an integral part of our culture. We all have people in our lives who have touched us in some way. Whether it's a friend who has been there for us during tough times, a teacher who has helped us excel in our studies, or a colleague who has gone above and beyond to help us at work, these individuals deserve recognition and appreciation. Gifting is a way to show them that we value their presence in our lives and appreciate their contributions. Between Boxes encourages people to show their appreciation most creatively. Showcasing creativity through your gifts doesn’t have to take a lot of your precious time. It can be as easy as adding their favorite products to your cart, writing a note, and sending it to their address. Between Boxes has made it possible for you. 

The aforementioned bridesmaid gift boxes are curated in a way that they are perfect birthday gifts for a girlfriend/wife. We’ve got a great deal of gift ideas for women so that every important event in their life can be celebrated with utmost excitement. 

Between Boxes also offers the best gifts for men that will delight every deserving guy in your life. Our premium gift hampers for him contain classic items which are useful in his day-to-day life. Whether it is a valentines day gift for a boyfriend or an anniversary gift box for a husband, Between Box is your one-stop place for your gifting needs. 

Gifting during festivals such as Diwali and Rakhi holds great significance in Indian culture. During Diwali, people gift useful and elegant Diwali gifts to their loved ones, friends, and colleagues. Send your Diwali gifts to your friends and family with Between Boxes. The sweet bond of Rakhi between siblings must be commemorated with rakhi gift hampers for brother and sister with Between Boxes.

Between Boxes Gifts- One-Stop Online Destination for all Gifting Needs

Gifting is an important part of our culture that should be celebrated and embraced. It is a way to show appreciation, strengthen relationships, spread happiness, express creativity, celebrate milestones, and give back to the community. Whether it's a simple gesture or an elaborate present, gifting has the power to make a positive impact on the lives of those around us. Between Boxes made it their aim to ease spreading kindness and expressing love through the act of gifting. They understand the magic of giving and receiving gifts. So, Between Boxes Gifts is your go-to store for gift shopping because of its vast selection of prices and simple gifting options. Between Boxes Gifts is the ideal online gift store for you if you're seeking for expertly designed gift boxes and the best hampers with fast delivery! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

         1.How can I make my own bridesmaid thank-you gifts?

If you have your own unique approach in mind to thank them, we recommend you take advantage of Between Boxes' “Build your own Box” option where you can customize your gift hampers in a few easy steps.

        2.Does the groom buy the bridesmaids a gift?

Actually, no. It is his duty to buy for the groomsmen. The bride herself makes and distributes bridesmaid presents.

        3. Are wedding return favors necessary? 

The answer is no, technically—you are not required to distribute favors at your wedding reception. Do we advocate extending courtesy whenever possible? Absolutely. It's not necessary for these favors to be substantial or pricey, but even a tiny gesture can go a long way. You can offer them a box filled with dry fruits, sweets, and candles.