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12 Wedding Return Gift Ideas Loved by Guests in Indian Weddings in 2023


Wedding return favors are a long-standing tradition in many cultures around the world. They are small gifts given to guests as a token of appreciation for attending a wedding celebration. The custom of wedding guest favors dates back to ancient Rome, where couples would give their guests small gifts of almonds or other sweets as a symbol of their love and appreciation. 

In India, wedding return gifts have become an important and courteous part of the wedding celebration. They are a way for the bride, groom, and their families to thank their guests for being a part on their special day and provide a lasting memory of the event.

Affordable Wedding Favor Ideas to Thank Your Guests

1.Elegant Traditional Print Basket Box Wedding Return Gift 


This elegant Basket Wedding Return Gift consists of a Long cavity box for sweets or chocolates, 2 tin jars, and an acrylic box for you to customize.

2. Green Marble Tray with Attractive Mirror Jars Wedding Favour



The Elegant Green Marble designed Tray with Two Mirror Jars will suit your wedding if your theme of the wedding is Rustic and Earthy.

3. Peacock Detailed Blue Wooden DryFruit Box


Dry Fruit Box as a Wedding Return Favour is always adored by every guest, So if you are looking for something simple yet traditional, we suggest you go ahead with our Peacock-themed Wooden Dry Fruit Box.

4. Stylish Pink Leather Basket Hamper 


The sophisticated Pink Leather Basket Hamper comes with 1 sweet box, 1 long box, and 2 tin jars. You can add other items according to your preference as well with Between Boxes.

5.Sunshine Round Wedding Guest Favours with Meenakari Work


This Meenakari intricate Round Wedding Favour from Between Boxes is a perfect wedding guest favour if you are seeking something more than a mithai box. This Round Hamper can be customised with scented candles, Coffee/tea, customised coasters along with sweets. 

6. Blue Traditional Floral Printed Carry Bag Wedding Return Gifts


This delightful Carry bag hamper is an elegant wedding return gift under 1000 depending on the customization. If you are confused about what to add inside such carry bag hampers, Between Boxes suggests scented candles& jars of mixed seeds and nuts.

7.Royal White Wooden Box with Glass Jars in Meenakari Design 


Emit Royalty at your indian wedding with this Classic White Wooden Box Wedding Return Hamper which includes 3 glass jars and 2 acrylic boxes for customisation.

8.Rome-Inspired Attractive Wedding Guest Favours


Add a modern twist to your wedding guest favours with Between Boxes' Rome inspired favours that comes along with contemporary style jars.

9. Regal Spring themed Carry Box Wedding Return Favour


Floral and butterfly adorned carry box comprises a sweet box along with 2 small square boxes.


10. Lace detailed Vibrant Floral Hexagonal Box for Wedding Return Hamper 



This vibrant magenta box with bold floral prints includes 4 designer pet jars and will add a feather to the cap of your day wedding.


11. Turkish Horse designer Pink Tray Hamper



The Tray hamper comes with a sweet box and tin jars. For further personalization, Contact Between Boxes.


12. Morbagh embossed Wedding Return Favour Box



This beautifully crafted box accommodates 4 types of dry fruits or mix seeds along with a section for sweets. 



 Indians are renowned for upholding traditional values, which is the main reason why these religious presents are so valuable and regarded as the ideal thank-you present for weddings. Whether the gift is a simple dry fruit box or a high-budget hamper, what matters most is how you show your appreciation to your guests, regardless of what you decide to give as a wedding return gift. But, Offering wedding thank-you gifts is a daunting task and takes away a lot of time. Therefore, Let Between Boxes make your wedding preparations easier by curating customized wedding return favors for you that are within your budget and delivering them to you at the location you specify. To know more about how we can create such beautiful wedding favor hampers for you, visit us @ betweenboxes.in or contact us @ (91)7290993322.

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